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Kiosk: A stand alone, self contained, point of interest, education, marketing or sales tool. No matter how you look at it, a kiosk and its program is one of the best tools that can incorporate into your marketing and overall branding strategy. A kiosk can also be connected to the internet to provide access and links to your web site or used in a museum to provide an interactive way to learn about educational and historical content.

Interactive exhibits give visitors convenient and non-threatening access to information regarding your products - any time of the day. This popular technology is also referred to as interactive digital signage and can be accessed through single touch, dual touch or multitouch content.

Using a simple touchscreen or multi-touch interface transforms your custom software package and the exhibit platform into the most intuitive user interface available. Young, old and everyone in between can easily navigate your exhibit to get the most benefit out of your message. Touch-enabled software creates flexible applications with greater functionality.

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Interactive ExhibitsInteractive Exhibits give you the functionality to do almost anything, including connecting to remote databases. The programs are custom designed with your corporate identity in mind and are graphically rich - with full screen image backgrounds, graphical image buttons, video, animations, sound, and a whole host of exciting user friendly, engaging activities such as dual-touch and multi-touch interactivity!

Kiosks are ideal for many applications in different areas of industry:

  • Captivating displays at trade shows
  • Digital signage to promote your products or services
  • Tourism industry
  • Museums, galleries, exhibitions as interactive, digital docents
  • Government and community services and training
  • Universities: libraries, lecture theatres
  • Corporate foyers and lobbies as wayfinder applications or digital signage
  • Corporate intranets or visitor registration systems
  • Point of information and interactive maps or wayfinders
  • Education and Learning Opportunities in museums and educational facilities


Interactive Exhibit Customer Case Studies

Door County Maritime Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Gun Deck - Interactive cannons on a simulated gun deck do battle with computer pirate ships.  Time your shots to sink the enemy vessels and move to the next level.  Timing is everything to sink those clever pirates!

Sea Shanty Touchscreen - Music Selections from local and regional groups are accessed, along with album art and lyrics, through an interactive touchscreen kiosk.

Visit the Pirates Ship to Shore exhibit now going on at the Door County Maritime Museum and as part of the traveling exhibit Treasure!.


Wisconsin Great Lakes Shipwrecks:
Dive into Wisconsin's Past

Where to Find the Kiosks:
Door County Maritime Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI - Dock Room, Lower Level
Door County Maritime Museum, Gill's Rock , WI - Underwater Archaeology Area
Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI - Discovery Room
History Museum at the Castle,  Appleton, WI - Lobby

Wisconsin Historical Society Museum, Madison, WI - Third Floor Hallway
Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Manitowoc, WI - First Level

InteractiveThe Wisconsin Historical Society commissioned us to bring their Wisconsin Shipwrecks website to life in a more media-rich and interactive format. The Shipwreck kiosk contains hours of underwater video of shipwrecks, a rich narration of each of the dozens of shipwrecks on the kiosk, photo galleries, and a short biography of the ship. 

There are fun learning activities for the family such as a Diving game, the Wreck of the Lost Lucerne interactive and an interactive Great Lakes Schooner tour.

In the Explorer's Tools portion, learn about the gear used for underwater archaeology and conservation.  The Mission section explains what underwater archaeology is all about and the mission of preserving these historical monuments for future generations of divers to enjoy.

A vast database of shipwrecks, maritime areas, museums, parks, lighthouses and more located in the "Maritime Trails" of Wisconsin's coastal and inland waterways are found in the Version 2 touchscreen kiosk.

This program is funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management under the Coastal Zone Management Act, Grant Number NA17OZ1144.


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